Meet the staff


Jackie Baker

Longest standing member of the Welcome Pet shop since 2004. However, as a compulsive buyer she has now been banned from rep meetings. With over 14 years’ experience in the pet trade and over 40 in animal care, she specialises in chickens, horses and of course dogs. 

Pets Name Arnie Bow


Jodie Baker

Originally started as a Saturday girl in 2004, leaving for a few gap years and returning in 2011, Jodie is now the Licence holder for the welcome pet shop. With years of experience tending to the animals and placing orders, her specialities are in small animal care and pet accessories. 

Pets Name Paddy Noodle 



Paddy Noodle

Breed: Abomination of nature (Rottweiler/Alsatian/Spaniel/Terrier cross)

Senior Tester of Treats and Meats with over 6 year’s experience. Now part time on account of his diet. Paddy interests include food, naps and helping bag the hay and straw.

Human: Jodie


Arnie Bow

Breed: Spaniel X West Highland Terrier

Youngest Member of the team and head of Squeaks. Having extensive experience with all types of toy, he considers himself a self-taught expert. 

Hobbies include guarding all areas of the home and garden as well as ensuring Paddy gets some exercise.

Human: Jackie